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"Over the years, our clients have come to us with specific shooting goals and player development needs. It has been our pleasure to design unique, fun, and meaningful solutions for them – whether they are in an amateur tournament, in college, the NBA Finals, or in one of our learning centers. We want to do the same for you! Just take a look at our client list and read what some of our valued clients have said about the services they received from the Shot Lab"

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My daughter started working with Marvin after her ninth grade year. She desperately needed to develop skill in shooting and ball handling. Over the course of the next few years, my daughter learned many life lessons, including goal setting. As she explored college options, she wanted the opportunity to try out for a college team. After the end of her senior season, she committed herself to playing basketball three mornings a week (at 5:30 with a group of men at the Y) then would go to school. After school she worked with a personal trainer at the Shot LAB and Marvin. She recently had a walk on try out at her college and made the team. As her father I am extremely proud of her dedication, commitment and desire. I know how much she wanted this dream. But, this is also what Marvin teaches and taught her. “Dreams are empty if they are not backed up by work and commitment.” Through Marvin's Shot Lab, my daughter learned the basics (and beyond) and also learned the importance to set goals and work toward them. Thank you, Marvin.

A Dad's Testimony
Dear Marvin, I will begin this testimony by saying true leaders are those who have the ability to influence others, they are those who help manifest a difference in circumstances, in an environment, and in people. Marvin Harvey, you and your "Shooters Touch" Academy have undeniably helped to create a radical transformation in my son Stephen Simmons. You have made a significant impact in his approach, understanding and ability to play the game of basketball. Although Stephen has always loved basketball and could play the game, he was one of the kids who sat at the end of the bench his Junior year of High School and maybe played a grand total of 30 minutes the whole season. He started sparingly his senior year and only averaged 5 points per game. After working with you Marvin, my son went from obscurity to "sought after". After 1 year of collegiate basketball he led his team averaging 16 ppg, he received the Oxford College "Most Outstanding Player Award," the "New Comer's Award from the Georgia Basketball Coaches Association," he was voted 2nd Team All-State for the State of Georgia and finished 8th in the Country for 3 pointers made in Division 3 Juco. Marvin you have been more than a coach to my son, you have been a teacher which in my opinion is who you are at your core. You are a man who has discovered the gift God has given you and you have learned to pass it forward. In my estimation it is not enough to be a good athlete or to just have talent. The athlete must desire to reach and become better and there must be someone to help get them there. The proof of desire is reaching and the proof of reaching is progress. If progress is what you want and need then Marvin Harvey is the man! Thanks Marvin for everything. Cas Simmons, Stephen's Dad
I have known Marvin for some time now. I ENJOYED Reading his book "winning within Reason" it was very INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL ! ! =]
Guardians of the Game
I saw a clip of Bobby Cremins talkin about John Wooden about "Guardians of the Game." He is refering to integrity. I think you are also a "Guardian of the Game." I made an extract clip of the "Teach to Teach" segment and "The Water Story" from your South Africa video and showed it to the college class I taught in the Fall. The kids really liked it and it stuck with them. I would post on youtube segments as many as you are willing to publish. But I think those two segments are especially inspirational and helpful to others.
Admininstrator, Shot Lab Team Youth Basketball
Several years ago, I coached and taught my young son everything I knew about basketball but like with most children sometimes they listen and learn better from a third person. My son plays defense and handles the ball well. However, he worked hard but struggled with shooting. When I learned about and took my son to the Marvin Harvey "Shot Lab", he quickly began to learn the art of the shooting and deepened his love of the game. Now, he is on the Marvin Harvey "Shot Lab" team of 14U boys team that are working on all of the fundamental skills they will need to be successful on high school teams. Speed, agility, weight training at the Marvin Harvey Shooters Touch Academy and being a member of the Marvin Harvey "Shot Lab" team has accelerated my son's learning curve. His postive experience has been 2nd to none.We, as parents, could not be more proud of supporting and recommending the Marvin Harvey Shooter's Touch Academy to you for your son(s) or daughter(s).
Failure is the first step to SUCCESS!
"My daughter has been taught by Marvin Harvey, "The Teacher", for many years. She began to love the game of basketball once she learned the shot. Learning the shot wasn't easy for her. She is very athletic and she's used her athleticism to excel in the sport. Marvin taught her how to combine her athleticism with her academics. She had to fail many times in order to master the shot. Marvin taught her to never let the fear of failure overcome her power to succeed. I'm sharing this today because God used Marvin to save her life today. While flying solo across country, her navigation system, headgear, and her communication with everyone on the ground failed. Her plane began to sputter and she was in the middle of the Kentucky mountains without an airport in site. She finally located on an airstrip in the mountains and landed safely. Marvin taught her that failure was not an option and success wasn't measured by failures but by results. That type of teaching instilled in her, by Marvin, helped her deal with this incident. Who would have taught that learning how to shoot a basketball can someday save a life.  Thank you Marvin for using a basketball to teach our daughter real life lessons that helped save her life today.  I can't wait to give her a great big hug, look her in the eyes, and tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of her. Marvin, you a master at what you do.  May God continue to bless you and all of those you teach.  I thank you and salute."
Senior Advisor

"I want to let you know that I was thoroughly surprised when I began reading "Winning within reason". I love to read and this book was a very easy read for me. When I originally received the books from you I was preparing my mind to read (as I thought) a very technical book. I connected with the book in so many ways, and in so many areas of my life. As I read the coaches manual I began to look at the styles of my three sons and saw how they were so different. All and all the books were awesome. I am now passing the "Winning within reason" book on to one of my sons."

Thank you for being "The Teacher"

"As a rookie, it was a great fortune for me to attend Marvin's camp. I was especially honored because I knew that Marvin was one of the best shooting teachers in the United States. Since I was already a professional basketball player, it was not easy for me to learn how to shoot all over again. However, thanks to his various programs and different kinds of shooting practices, I had so much fun learning it. I could especially learn more easily because he taught me with every little detail and taught me step-by-step. Thanks you so much for letting me have this great opportunity, Marvin."
"I used to shoot with two hands, but always wanted to shoot with only one hand. So I decided to take Marvin's class. It was not easy at first but thanks to Marvin's great personality, I had so much fun changing my shooting form. I especially cannot forget how attentive and caring he was when he taught me. I know that Marvin is one of the best shooting coaches in the U.S. It was really a great honor for me to attend his camp. Marvin, thank you."
2007- Japan
"I wanted to thank you, Teacher, for the online lesson I received today. This was many times more than I expected from this experience.”
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