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"Over the years, our clients have come to us with specific shooting goals and player development needs. It has been our pleasure to design unique, fun, and meaningful solutions for them – whether they are in an amateur tournament, in college, the NBA Finals, or in one of our learning centers. We want to do the same for you! Just take a look at our client list and read what some of our valued clients have said about the services they received from the Shot Lab"

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2005- St Petersburg, Florida
"Marvin 'The Teacher' Harvey is the only person that I have seen tear a shot down to nothing and then build it back up from scratch, and when you see the results it's like the person has always shot that way. I have seen so many players benefit from his teaching about shooting and his knowledge of the game.”
"I have been teaching and coaching for over 20 years and during that time I have met and evaluated many other teachers. Marvin Harvey may be the best teacher I have ever encountered. His subject happens to be basketball, but his technique, his ability to relate to his students, his ability to encourage and challenge is really what sets him apart."
2002- Tropical Whispers News
"There is a sort of electricity that surrounds him and you can sense he is on earth to serve."
"There are a lot of coaches that yell instruction and don't know what they're teaching, but Marvin Harvey teaches the shot the best."
"He is from a special breed, a wise soul who appreciates the profound gift that he has of being a teacher."
1998- Detroit
"Harvey is a rare commodity. He is the best shooting coach I have been around. His developmental skills are outstanding."
“Teacher, we will never have enough words to express how pleased we are every time we receive your knowledge.”
1997-Tampa, Florida
“As a compassionate vessel of God, Marvin makes an eye-to-eye connection with people, because he sees beyond their weaknesses. For the past several years he's worked quietly in different communities throughout the state of Florida, normally getting 'the stones that the other builders discarded', and finding the hidden talents in them, he molds and turns them into something special."
"Marvin Harvey is a man before his time. He is the greatest humanist I have ever come across and he is absolutely the best at shooting instruction. Whether he is teaching a person about life, training a team, or consulting an international group of coaches, he always has room in his plans to accept others on their own terms, as long as they are willing to be quality individuals, it won't be a problem at all. He is not necessarily trying to save the world of basketball; he's only trying to cheer it up."
1993-Tampa, Florida
"The key to Harvey's shooting lessons is convincing athletes to believe in his form. He builds shooting from the ground up."
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