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Every LAB offers a series of Marvin Harvey designed programs. HSTA and the ShotLab are excited to announce its 2011 basketball classes to the Tampa Bay Area: NBA/WNBA - Preparation Training, Pre-Draft Private Workouts, Free-Agent - Preparation Training, International Player Preparation Training, Pre-Season Preparation for College Training, Off-Season College Improvement Training, Pre-College Scouting Camps Preparation Training, High School Teams Tryouts Preparation Training, and All-Star Preparation Training.


Payment and Membership

Welcome to Marvin Harvey’s "Shooting Laboratory" with Marvin Harvey, The Teacher.  The "TEACHER" and his staff are dedicated to assisting you in the achievement of your goal, whether it is the advancement of your personal shooting skills or the enhancement of your overall basketball skills. The purpose of this introduction is to explain our training process for high school, college and pro basketball players, as well as the terms under which training is provided.


Training Pricing

Individual 1 on 1:

  • Pricing Starting at $75.00 per hour
  • TEN HOUR TRAINING BLOCK $750.00 per 10 hours
  • Endorsement

Small Group Sessions:

  • Pricing Starting at  $50.00 per hour
  • TEN HOUR TRAINING BLOCK $500.00 per 10 hours
  • Endorsements

Team Training 9 to 15 Players:

  • Pricing Starting at  $35.00 per hour
  • TEN HOUR TRAINING BLOCK $350.00 per 10 hours - per player
  • Endorsements (Coach)

3-on-3 Developmental League 

  • $150.00 


Since 65% of the players who train at the Shot Lab remain with us all the way through the ALL Star to ALL PRO programs, from seven to twenty-one years old, we have special rates for their consideration. Hourly billing will be the same for the first fifty (50) hours of training, after that, the student receive a 10% discount thereafter.

Lessons Available:

NBA/WNBA - Preparation Training

Pre-Draft Private workouts

Free-Agent - Preparation Training

International Player Preparation Training

Pre-Season Preparation for College Training

Off Season College, Improvement Training

Pre College, Scouting Camps, Preparation Training

High School Teams Tryouts, Preparation Training

All Star Preparation Training

How it Works

The leading international shooting development instruction provider, with over 100,000 individual lessons given since our inception in 1982, as Harvey’s “Shooter’s Touch” Academy merges traditional shooting instruction with next-generation teaching tools (Shot Lab) for the ultimate basketball lesson experience. Our industry-leading technology provides specific data on your shot that helps us develop a training program matched to your individual skill level. In fact, from the moment you set foot inside the Shot Lab Learning Center you will understand why our technology, our teaching environment and our teaching professionals’ expertise far exceed any other basketball instruction program available today.


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