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Payment and Membership

Welcome to Marvin Harvey’s "Shooting Laboratory" with Marvin Harvey, The Teacher.  The "TEACHER" and his staff are dedicated to assisting you in the achievement of your goal, whether it is the advancement of your personal shooting skills or the enhancement of your overall basketball skills. The purpose of this introduction is to explain our training process for high school, college and pro basketball players, as well as the terms under which training is provided.

The training process will involve four fundamental steps. The first step is an introductory discussion during which your goals for training will be confirmed and basic administrative functions are completed. The attached Basketball Player Information Form (Schedule 1) must be completed and executed by the player, parent, or coach. If the player is currently participating on a team, his or her coach will also be required to acknowledge the initiation of the Shooting Development Program. No evaluation or training can take place until endorsements are received and the Liability Waiver (Schedule 2) is executed and notarized. Financial arrangements and scheduling will also be confirmed for the Initial Basketball Skills Evaluation.

The second step is the Initial Shooting Skills Evaluation. This player assessment and evaluation will take one hour and the cost is $100.00 payable in advance. This process and fee is required of each player. Checks should be made payable to Marvin Harvey. The evaluation will address the specific skills listed on the Skill Evaluation Form (Schedule 3) as attached. An important aspect of this step is the affirmation of training goals that represents the agreement between the player, his or her parent, and The "TEACHER" of the realistic training goals. A description of the suggested training process will be provided including the independent practice expectations of the player. An estimate of the training time will be provided and financial arrangements will be secured for the first block of training time. The following is a schedule of training cost for various training structure:

1.     Private training: $75.00 per hour

2.     Two to eight player training: $50.00 per hour per player

3.     Team training of eight to ten players: $35.00 per hour, (one check)

4.     Shot Lab MEMBERS ONLY fee: $35.00 per hour per player

Training arrangements are made on a monthly or minimum ten-hour blocks. Upon confirmation of a training relationship, the schedule for these ten hours will be secured. Payment for the first five hours of training or one week’s prospective training, which ever is greater, is payable in advance. Payment is non-refundable. Upon completion of each five hour block, a Shooting Skills Development Progress Report (Schedule 4) will be provided and include an updated evaluation of the time required to achieve the affirmed or refined skill development goals. An additional five-hour advance payment will be due at that time and scheduling will be affirmed for additional training.

The next step will be Shooting Skill Development Training. The training will take place at the Shot LAB Training Facility, or a determined training location. The training session will begin at the time designated unless rescheduled with the personal approval of the "TEACHER", 24 hours in advance. The "TEACHER" also reserves the right to reschedule 24 hours in advance.

Players are to be appropriately dressed in basketball attire, warmed up and ready to go at the designated time at the designated location. Family members and/or friends are invited to watch the training but are not allowed to participate in any form unless personally invited by The "TEACHER". Players will be asked to confirm, prior to each training session, that they have completed the prior personal practice instructions.

Each player will provide The "TEACHER" with a schedule of scrimmage games for any team on which the player participates. After completion of a minimum five hours of training, with the prior approval of the player and his/her coach, The "TEACHER" will endeavour to personally attend at least one game to provide a Playing Evaluation. The cost of this evaluation will be a two-hour debit against the five-hour pre-payment. It will be the responsibility of all players to behave in a courteous, respectful and enthusiastic attitude towards other players, referees, fans and coaches at all times.

We believe in the simultaneous development of the inner game that is courage, character and commitment-based. The "TEACHER" reserves the right to terminate any training relationship by refunding any advanced payment.

Thank you again for your interest. We welcome you to the Marvin Harvey Shot Lab Training and hope you share our passion for shooting the basketball and the development of basketball skills. We look forward to empowering you towards the achievement of your basketball goals.
Marvin Harvey
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