“Educating shooters since 1982” has catapulted Marvin Harvey to an international “Teacher” of the game, Basketball. Harvey’s international teachings started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1995 and travelled to Bogotá, Columbia in 1997, one of the largest International Basketball Tournaments where he did player development and coaching clinics. Marvin Harvey has been described as one of the great “Teachers” of the game. The South American Tour introduced him as Sensei (Master Teacher) to the Youth Basketball Directors and Teams from around the world, including Cuba, Venezuela, and many parts of Europe.

Harvey has gone from Coaches’ Summits in universities across Monterrey, Mexico to several countries in South Africa, to training WNBA Players in South Korea, Italy, France, Serbia, Belgrade, and Istanbul, Turkey.  In 2009, he was hired as the Shooting Coach for the WNBA Eastern Conference Champion Indiana Fever. 

His concepts have been admired and respected by many WNBA players including Marie Ferdinand-Harris of the LA Sparks.  Marie recently started a Basketball School of Excellence in San Antonio, TX.  Marvin Harvey was Marie’s private shooting coach at the age of thirteen.  In addition to Marie, Harvey has taught some of the most fierce 3-point shooters playing college and professional basketball, including (Chris Warren – Ole Miss) and (Raja Bell – Utah Jazz).

Today, Harvey has designed and developed his signature basketball training program “the new fundamentals” and a state-of-the-art basketball training facility; the “ShotLAB” has made Tampa, Florida its headquarters. 

The ShotLAB and Marvin Harvey are excited to announce its 2011 basketball classes to the Tampa Bay Area.  NBA/WNBA – Preparation Training, Pre-Draft Private Workouts, Free-Agent – Preparation Training, International Player Preparation Training, Pre-Season Preparation for College Training, Off-Season College Improvement Training, Pre-College Scouting Camps Preparation Training, High School Teams Tryouts Preparation Training, and All-Star Preparation Training. 

All ShotLAB programs are designed for elementary school to high school level players, for both girls and boys wanting to learn and maintain college level skills through the ShotLAB fundamental shooting programs.  Each program consist of challenging workouts to help improve ball handling and shooting skills, also focused on “basketball specific” conditioning programs to help players maintain mental and physical stamina. 

Once a student absorbs and reflects on the uniqueness of Harvey’s basketball learning center’s design and all of its purposeful décor, the student is back to the most important, the most valuable ingredient in all of the equation, Marvin Harvey.

Designed after his basketball teaching life, his Tampa facility is unique, innovative, teaching friendly, inspiring, and motivating for his players and for everyone who walks in.  Clearly, this facility is more than just “a place to train”; it is part of Marvin Harvey.  It reflects who he is and how he wants to teach, not just his students but, all who will derive what is being offered.

According to Harvey, “Our clients have come to us with specific shooting goals and player development needs.  It has been our pleasure to design unique, fun, and meaningful solutions for them – whether they are in an amateur tournament, in college, the NBA Finals, or in one of our learning centers”. 

Every LAB offers a series of Marvin Harvey designed programs from All-Star to All-PRO, including the specially designed Jr. Lab which transitions the shooting form from elementary to professional level. 

Shooting Lesson – “Many dedicated players, especially those that recognize the power of the skill of shooting, are willing to put in the time shooting and getting in the ‘reps’.  Such players will show improvement but, unless these players have the ‘correct information’ on the Shooting Form, they will never see ‘Mastering’ success.  Information is not enough, it must be the correct information”, says Harvey.

Benefiting from Harvey’s teachings is Florida State Final Four Head Coach, AAU Nationals, John E. Ercia, who says, “Marvin, ‘Teacher’, thank you so much for all of your teaching, coaching, and spiritual encouragement.  It has been PRICELESS!!

"As I am permitted, I try to pass your valuable teachings on to all players.  It is amazing that in the ten years since we met, and I first began to learn from you, not only do I learn something new, something better, I am reminded of something I learned before, and even learn to do that better in our sessions, but your basketball teachings still remain far ahead of the ‘norms of the time.’  You truly have proved to be one of, if not the most, innovative and knowledgeable minds in the game of basketball.”

Harvey's Shooters Touch Academy staff includes, Orlando Perez as Head Trainer and one of the most qualified, strength, conditioning, speed, agility, and rehabilitation trainer/coaches in the world.

Jennifer Mossor, Basketball Teacher and a four-year starter for the University of Florida Women’s Basketball team. As a shooting coach, she is certified in shooting and basketball development training.  Jennifer is a former ShotLAB student.

Carlton Morrick, Basketball Teacher and a graduate from Florida Southern College, a two-time Conference Championship Team member.  Carlton is also a former ShotLAB student.

Chad Bell, College Recruiter of Collegiate Sports of America (Prep-Star).  CSA is a 28 years old national company that helped over 45,000 high school student-athletes receive in excess of 1 Billion dollars in scholarships and financial aid for college.

Together, The ShotLAB facility is truly a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” consisting of a basketball shooting court (ShotLAB), a full video-analysis room (Learning Center), and a full service weight room (Fitness Center).  Last, but not least, is the office of CSA (College Recruiting).

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of student athletes around the world.  Subsequently, teaching that sport is a great way to encourage self-esteem, acceptance, and teamwork.

Marvin Harvey has authored three books including “The Seven Principles for Teaching Basketball” (Coaches Manual and Coaches Workbook), and “Winning with Reason” (Coaches Philosophy Book). 

For more information on Marvin Harvey, classes, clubs and courses being offered, please visit www.marvinharvey.com www.marvinharveybse.com or www.na4tb.com

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