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How it Works

The leading international shooting development instruction provider, with over 100,000 individual lessons given since our inception in 1982, as Harvey’s “Shooter’s Touch” Academy merges traditional shooting instruction with next-generation teaching tools (Shot Lab) for the ultimate basketball lesson experience. Our industry-leading technology provides specific data on your shot that helps us develop a training program matched to your individual skill level. In fact, from the moment you set foot inside the Shot Lab Learning Center you will understand why our technology, our teaching environment and our teaching professionals’ expertise far exceed any other basketball instruction program available today.

At all Lab’s, we believe that the best learning opportunity is built on the triadic structure of interactive learning, repetition, and habits formed through understanding, knowing that each of these components is necessary for the other two to be accomplished. In this way, players develop a series of internal resources through critical thinking, instinctive learning, acquired team leadership skills, and learned responsibility of game-controlled matters, and most importantly, an understanding of time-situation-score opportunities.

On the cutting edge of shooting development, Marvin Harvey’s “Shooting Laboratory” is a hard-working, learning environment where the echo is one of inquiry, creativity, and a dynamic experience for all. This is where teaching pros, students, parents, and coaches are given the opportunity to interact, where parents and coaches are engaged in the education of the player and each member of the basketball learning community is encouraged to explore the terrain of his/her own individual formation.

This is 21st-Century basketball that produces players and coaches who are prepared to contribute well-trained players to a global game. By definition and mission, the Shot Lab exist only through national and international partnerships. Marvin Harvey actively builds complementary relationships around the world, forming a network of diverse players, coaches, cultures, and geographies connected by the unifying principles of the common goals and teaching philosophy of the Shot Lab.

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