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Every LAB offers a series of Marvin Harvey designed programs. HSTA and the ShotLab are excited to announce its 2011 basketball classes to the Tampa Bay Area: NBA/WNBA - Preparation Training, Pre-Draft Private Workouts, Free-Agent - Preparation Training, International Player Preparation Training, Pre-Season Preparation for College Training, Off-Season College Improvement Training, Pre-College Scouting Camps Preparation Training, High School Teams Tryouts Preparation Training, and All-Star Preparation Training.

All-Star Lab - Youth Basketball Shooting Instruction

This is a co-ed shooting development class focusing on the ALL-STAR level Shooting Form, higher-level ball handling fundamentals, and the continued growth of the young player. Shooting and ball-handling fundamentals are stressed through many exciting and competitive drills. Dribbling, shooting, passing, and games are all designed around an encouraging environment to support the athlete's growth, while instruction is attuned to the athlete's level. New drills and instruction are introduced in each 10-hour session.

Junior Lab - Skills Transition for Middle School Athletes

College coaches are looking for high school players who have college-level skills on the high school level. But when do high school players learn these college level skills? According to research, it is extremely important that players receive proper college level shooting fundamentals before entering high school. Studies show that a basketball player, during the summer of his/her eighth grade year, either starts the process of mastering their elementary shooting form, or through the proper assistance, starts the process of mastering their college-level shooting form. This program was developed specifically to target players going from eighth to ninth grade and is one of the highest recommended training sessions in the world. This program is recommended for 40 hours or more.

Senior Lab - High School Athletes

The introduction of the Senior Academy to the Tampa Bay Florida area marked the first partnership shooting enhancement program and is quickly becoming the most respected basketball teaching opportunity in the area. The Senior Academy assists in better preparing high school athletes and coaches for the challenges of their upcoming season. The sessions are run before the season, during the season, and throughout the post season and do not interfere with game play. They provide training and preparation and assist high school coaches with teaching fundamental shooting and ball-handling skills not discussed in limited “team development” practice sessions.

College Lab - For College Athletes

THE SHOT LAB offers college athletes the personalized, advanced training they need to excel at their university. If a player's goal is to play at the professional level, the Academy has all the tools and knowledge to help make it happen. Each session, developed by our Certified Teaching Professionals (CTP), not only challenges players physically, but mentally, with strategies and game situation insight that will elevate their game. It will also maximize players' mental conditioning, run, jump, shot, speed, agility, and quickness.

All Pro Lab - For Professional Athletes

This session is for all NBA or International Basketball Players and will maximize your mental conditioning, run, jump, shot, speed, agility, and quickness. Instruction on the professional level is all about "MASTERING" the skill, shooting efficiently, and knowing how to make corrections in the game, all of which are critical to the athlete’s long-term success.

  • Ten hours of shooting development
  • Learn the Science of Shooting
  • Make shooting adjustments in game situation
  • Make the 200% Shooting Club
  • Video Analysis review of before and after sessions and a step-by-step plan on how to continue shooting success on your own!
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